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No need to chase the bunny out of this carrot patch! Chewing is of huge importance for smaller pets. Not only is it a natural instinct that they feel an urge to satisfy, but it is also highly beneficial to their overall dental health. Kaytee's Carrot Patch Chew Toy variety pack has special chews (shaped like carrots) to satisfy your pet's urges while addressing their specific dental needs, including keeping teeth trim, reducing plaque, and flossing.

  • A variety of chewing materials in fun carrot shapes
  • Wood for gnawing, sisal for cleaning and loofah for flossing
  • For rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas
  • Each Carrot Chew Toy is 3-4" Long

The wood carrot helps grind down the front teeth, preventing them from becoming overgrown and creating larger health problems. The sisal carrot helps remove plaque from teeth and prevent decay, and the loofah carrot provides flossing action.