Kaytee Multi-Level Exotics Cage

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Small Pet

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The Kaytee Multi-Level Exotics Cage is really more like a mansion, with 3 spacious levels, 3 fun safety ramps, and an integrated food dish. Extra narrow wire spacing and chew-proof locks discourage escape attempts, and a new, deeper base prevents messes. Ideal for chinchillas, rats, sugar gliders, and other small exotic pets.

  • 3-level home for small exotic pets
  • Durable 1/2" wire spacing for easy viewing
  • Deep plastic base for secure bedding
  • Includes 3 safety ramps, 3 shelves, and a food dish
  • Multi Level Exotics Cage Dimensions: 30.5"L x 18"W x 30"H

Note: Cage base and platform colors may vary.