Zoo Med Hermit Crab Growth Shell

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Zoo Med Hermit Crab Growth Shells satisfy your pet hermit crab needs as it matures in captivity. Hermit crabs do not create their own shells, so they will need larger shells to inhabit as they grow larger. Keeping extra, larger shells in your crab's enclosure ensures that your pet always has a suitable, healthy home.

  • Provides hermit crabs with larger shell to grow into
  • Important to facilitate healthy growth and behavior
  • The perfect home for your hermit crab
  • X-Large Hermit Crab Shell Dimensions: Approximately 5"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H

Directions: Always keep extra shells in your pets enclosure. These extra "Growth" shells should be larger than the shell your crab currently resides in.

NOTE: This product is a natural product and ships in assorted colors and styles. Let us pick one for you!