Zoo Med 501 Filter Media Mechanical Filter Sponge

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The Zoo Med 501 Mechanical Filter Sponge is an effective form of filter media for your reptile habitat. This mechanical filter sponge removes dirt and floating debris from your terrarium or aquarium and improves the water clarity in your tank. Easy to clean and completely reusable, this filter sponge helps keep your water clean.

  • Removes dirt and floating debris from your terrarium or aquarium
  • Improves water clarity
  • Easy to clean and reusable

The Zoo Med Mechanical Filter Sponge acts as the first line of defense in your aquatic reptile environment. It effectively catches and removes dirt and floating debris to maintain clean, healthy water. For optimum water quality, Zoo Med recommends weekly water changes of at least 20%. When adding tap water, be sure to use a conditioning agent to remove chlorine and chloramines.

NOTE: This filter media is designed to fit the Zoo Med Turtle Clean 15 Filter. The Turtle Clean 15 was formerly known as the Turtle Clean 501.


  • Remove top of your 15 (formerly 501) Filter and simply replace your old sponge with this new one.


  • Rinse filter sponge weekly or as needed. If your water flow (on your outtake spray bar) decreases substantially, then it is time to clean the filter sponge. Replace filter sponge if you notice wear and tear.

Made in Italy.