Zoo Med Moonlight Reptile Bulb

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Zoo Med Moonlite Reptile Bulb provides ideal night time viewing and is perfect for heating nocturnal reptiles and amphibians. The Moonlite Bulb provides lighting that doesn't interfere with your animals sleeping patterns.

  • Simulates night time "moonlight" viewing of your terrarium pets
  • Provides heat and UVA rays
  • Economical heat source

This bulb is made of a true deep blue glass (not painted or coated) to enhance heat transfer and provide an economical nighttime heat source for reptiles.

3-month manufacturer warranty.

Q: Does this lamp emit UVB
A: These lamps are primarily a heat source.
Q: Does this lamp emit UVA
A: No. These lamps are primarily a heat source.
Q: How long should I leave this lamp on each day
A: This lamp is beneficial for keeping animals warm during nighttime hours without disturbing their sleep cycle, but can also be used as a secondary heat source for daytime hours.
Q: Can I use a rheostat/thermostat with the Moonlite Heat Lamp
A: Yes! A thermostat or rheostat can be used to control the heat output of this lamp.