Zoo Med Naturalistic Flora Bolivia Croton Terrarium Plant

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Zoo Med Naturalistic Flora Bolivia Croton looks like a natural bush plant designed to provide your reptiles with resting and hiding places. It looks like an original plant that your reptile will never know the difference. This Naturalistic Flora Bolivia Croton plant lets you add decoration to your reptile terrarium and create your own jungle. Your reptile will love to play around with this bushy plant. The good thing is you won't need to clean it on a regular basis. Easy to maintain, the bush adds a great value to your reptile's house.

  • Makes a natural-looking bush for reptiles
  • Provides resting and hiding places
  • Made of premium-quality plastic material
  • Its color does not fade easily

Zoo Med Laboratories is one of the most reputable companies in exotic pet products industry. Since their foundation in the year 1977, they have been proving their passion for animals via ongoing research and innovation in the areas of pet nutrition, pet behavior, and pet habitat.

Naturalistic Flora Bolivia Croton Dimensions:
Small Bolivia Croton Plant - 10" Long x 6" Wide
Medium Bolivia Croton Plant - 15" Long x 6" Wide
Large Bolivia Croton Plant - 22" Long x 6" Wide