Zoo Med Naturalistic Flora Mexican Phyllo Plant for Reptiles

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Zoo Med Mexican Phyllo Plant is a natural-looking bushy plant that gives your reptiles and amphibians hiding and resting places. Made of high-quality plastic, this plant helps you decorate your reptile's habitat. Zoo Med is one of the most reputable companies in the reptile business. They make a wide range of reptile accessories and treats.

  • Makes a natural-looking bush for reptiles
  • Provides resting and hiding places
  • Made of premium-quality plastic material
  • Does not fade easily
  • Mexican Phyllo Plastic Plant for Terrariums

Naturalistic Flora Mexican Phyllo Plant Dimensions:
Small Mexican Phyllo Plant - 14" Long x 6" Wide
Medium Mexican Phyllo Plant - 18" Long x 6" Wide
Large Mexican Phyllo Plant - 22" Long x 6" Wide