Zoo Med Naturalistic Flora Bush Congo Ivy Terrarium Plant

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Zoo Med Bush Plant Congo IVY makes a great natural cover for your reptile house. This bush plant looks so natural that your reptile will never know the difference. This Congo Ivy plant is ideal for all types of amphibians and reptiles. This amazing plant helps you create a real-looking environment. Moreover, it also offers places to hide and rest. Bring this amazing plastic plant home and create a perfect habitat for your reptiles.

  • Makes a natural-looking bush for reptiles
  • Provides resting and hiding places
  • Made of premium-quality material
  • Does not fade easily

Bush Congo Ivy Plant Dimensions:
Small Congo Ivy Plant - 10" Long x 6"Wide
Medium Congo Ivy Plant - 15" Long x 6" Wide
Large Congo Ivy Plant - 22" Long x 6" Wide